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Cool Cows and Climate Change - Information for Dairy Farmers
Yearly cycle to keep cows cool
Where are you now?
Cool season preparation
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Hot season strategies
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Managing in the heat

In the hot season, it is important to be constantly aware of the weather you have just experienced and what is likely to be coming up. If you have also been counting cow breaths, you will know when you need to take action, and what cooling strategies are warranted, to minimise the impact of an excessive heat load event on your cows.

You may wish to read this information on weather conditions that increase cows’ heat load, the use of the Temperature Humidity Index (THI) as a way to assess the risk of heat stress, and cooling strategies appropriate to different levels of heat stress. You may also wish to read this information on four weather scenarios commonly seen in Australia during the hot season.

Australian Government - Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry