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Cool Cows and Climate Change - Information for Dairy Farmers

Media Centre

The media articles and news grabs about Grains2Milk’s Cool Cows project on this page have been provided for you to use in your own publications.



Dairy yard: sauna or cooling centre?

January 2012

Focus on cow comfort

January 2012

Contented cows made in the shade

November 2011

Don't be beaten by the heat

January 2011

Will it pay

December 2010

Plan before you plant

December 2010

Cow cooling centre

November 2010

Plan before you plant (farmer case study)

November 2010

Dairy doubles as farm cooling centre (farmer case study)

November 2010

Beat the heat

October 2010

Cool cows pay, even in mild climate (farmer case study)

June 2010

Use cool months to set up for cool cows

April 2010

Keeping cows cool

November 2009

Sprinkers essential for summer

November 2009

It's cool to be cool, if you are a dairy cow

October 2009

Plan ahead to cut heat stress

April 2009

How now cool cow

March 2009

How now cool cow

February 2009 

Happy cows are made in the shade

January 2009

Keeping cows cool

January 2009

Free email warning when cows risk heat stress

December 2008

Keep cows cool this summer

November 2008


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